Meaningless Sectarianism in Islam

Religious leaders and politicians always use religion as a center-point to manipulate people for worldly benefits. As per Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Islam has no sect (Sunni or Shia or Others). In a nutshell, the concept of sectarianism is meaningless.

Religious leaders and scholars could explain their thoughts and opinions to help individuals further understand the message of Allah, but they do not have the right  to divide the individuals on basis of their beliefs and teachings into groups or sects. Individuals can follow teachings of any scholar keeping in mind that at the end of their life they will be solely responsible for their actions and answerable for their acts not the scholar or school of thought leader.

Islam is a religion of peace and offers complete code of life.  Religious leaders or Scholars (Sunni or Shia and others) engaged in spreading school of thought messages resulting in religious abuse and promoting sectarianism, just wasting their energy, time and effort in confusing and detracking their followers from the Islamic teachings. It’s our responsibility as a Muslim to understand the big picture, follow the right path and spread the message of Quran.

The followership rate of any religious or non-religious group is directly proportional to the power of influence and unfortunately religious leaders and politicians are masters of manipulation and influencing followers. Muslims in general need to exercise their cognitive abilities rather than emotions or religious affiliations to differentiate between the right and wrong. The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has explicitly delivered the message of Allah and concluded the religion of Islam as per the last sermon on Juma tul Wida (Sahih Bukhari Volume 1, Book  2, Number 43). It’s the time for us to honestly understand the message of Quran and stop promoting any sectarian teachings and practices which may lead us to to defocus from the original path.

Pakistan has emerged as the hub of sectarianism over past may decades. Sectarian violence resulted in killings of thousands of innocent citizens, ruined law and order situation,and  shattered economy. We should join hands soonest to fight this evil and push the government to take the appropiate measures that can help to eradicate sectarianism over next decade. Few suggestions:

  • Ban on all religious institutions
  • Ban on all religious scholars
  • Ban on religious education
  • Conversion of all sect based mosques to standard mosques under government regulation
  • Confiscation of all funds and assets of all religious scholars, institutions and political parties
  • Conversation of all religious institutions in to school teaching regular curriculum
  • Standardisation of religious curriculum
  • Develop Religious education program for students interested to pursue this path after high school (Bachelor/Masters/PhD)

Thank you for take time to read this blogpost. Highly appreciate your comments and feedback.