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Social Media refers to the means of interaction among people in which they can create, share, exchange and comment on the content in virtual communities and networks. It’s a great relationship building platform, because conversations become texting, arguments become phone calls, and feelings become status updates.

“Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas but now whatever happens anywhere, the story stays on Facebook, Youtube, MySpace …”

The presence on the social media has become mandatory to keep oneself aware of the updates happening in the social circles as the flow of information has changed from conventional mailing-lists to sharing on social media platforms. The mobile broadband revolution has extended the internet connectivity to our palm; in addition it helped the individuals like us to increasing the flow of real-time information among family and friends using social media applications. The below info-graphic will give you an idea of internet traffic being generated in 60 seconds.

Things that happen on Internet Every 60 Seconds 2017 Statistics
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It’s very important to develop better understanding of the social media platform and selecting the right platform that goes hand-in-hand with your personality and online type. The figure below can help you better understand the social media landscape. Since, the content-generation is key to success, generating the sharable, useful, informative and attractive content on regular basis is important to build the like-minded community. The high level information below on the various social media platforms, might help you in selecting the right one for yourself.

  • Blogs are the powerful dynamic credentialing platform that allow the users to indirectly show expertise through content (articles, posts etc)
  • Facebook is a strong for sharing information and promotional content via visual communication and story telling
  • Twitter allows a real-time communication to express brand personality and as mainly used for relationship building with individual audience
  • LinkedIn is a strong business networking tool that helps to increase visibility and self-awareness. it’s an important platform for career building.
  • Pinterest is a visual content sharing portal. The user experience is similar to a tour of an amazing museum where you visualize beauty at its best.
  • Youtube is a video sharing portal for extending messages through easily share able video content
  • Google+ is social network portal similar to Facebook but allows direct engagement with the audience via Google Hangout

The information dissemination now-a-days on social media is faster compared to the conventional media. Social media platforms have changed the game of marketing because of the power to reach the end-users in no time. From political and presidential campaigns in US to revolution in North Africa -Social media has proven its might.

Despite of the fact that the social media encourage its user’s positive and constructive use, it also raises concerns related to privacy and identity theft. The disclosures of personal information by the individuals (especially teens and kids) for the purpose of attracting the targeted audience also open doors for the individuals with bad intentions. The question that we really need to answer ourselves is “In an age of digital media, do we really have any privacy?”

On the Internet, the illusion of privacy creates boundary problems i.e., public boundary vs private boundary. The privacy related issues can be avoided by enlightening ourselves about topics related to the issues concerning Cyber Crime, Cyber Security and identity theft and taking appropriate steps by spreading the awareness among our family members and social circle.

The heat of social media can’t be avoided anyway. It’s better to be social and start building the like-minded community rather than pretending to be social.

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