Sind Government plans to destroy ‪‎CPSP – Pakistan’s‬ most credible institution of international repute

CPSP is Federal institution regulating post-graduate medial education in the Pakistan. It is promoting specialized medical practice (FCPS, MCPS), arranging post-graduate medical training and research through which high quality specialists are produced.

Recently, Sind government is planning to establish Sind College of Physicians and Surgeons; constructed new building in Larkana and planning to pass the bill in Sind parliament to establish this parallel body against federal body CPSP. Implications are:

1. Establishing a providential regulatory body will restrict medical doctors from other provinces to practice in Sindh and vice vera.
2. Establishment of Sind CPSP, Punjab, KPK and Baluchistan will establish respective bodies and make CPSP ineffective.
3. Establishment of provincial bodies will do irreversible damage to the medical professionals and the post-graduate qualifications will not recognized by international medical boards.

Medical Profession is regulated by the federal governments globally (US, UK, EU etc). No one ever heard of titles like MD(New York), FRCR (Birmingham). It took 52 years by CPSP to gain international repute, and now Pakistan’s Medical Specialization Degrees are accepted by Canada, UK and other countries.
This issue need urgent nationwide attention to save important institution of Pakistan.

CPSP Public Notification:

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