Why cold turkey method is the best to quit smoking?

It all starts by asking the famous question ‘Do you have lighter?’ or ‘Can you lend me a cigarette?’ and with a smile someone will, openheartedly share even the last cigarette in the pack. Do you know why? Smokers deeply understands the problem of the borrower, and always help to relieve the weird feeling caused by the urge either from a stressful thought or cherish moment of joy. Interesting, isn’t it?

Although, smoking is considered injurious to health, but the habit of sharing and caring about others, is the best innate quality found in all smokers – irrespective of cultures around the world. So far, nothing can replace the pleasure of visiting gregarious smoking corners, social engagement and always welcoming attitudes of smokers.

Well if you have decided to quit smoking, then you should be mentally prepared to face the worst ever boredom of life i.e., missing social smoking breaks, smoke and think time, and the lonely smoke break with coffee etc. It will take some time to adjust to new life, so don’t be afraid.

I attempted to quit smoking couple of times but failed. However, I found these short self-posed challenges very useful and still practice them to keep my self motivated.

  1. 2 Weeks Smoking Break
  2. 30 Smoke Free Days
  3. 100 Smoke Free Days Challenge
  4. 365 Smoke Free Days Challenge

Since past few months, I found Vaping to be more helpful to regulate nicotine intake and reduce daily consumption of cigarettes. Irrespective of all methods and techniques, I found and highly recommend cold turkey method to quit smoking either permanently or shorter duration. Its a willpower challenge and once withdrawal symptoms are over (usually 3-5 days) life seems to be more beautiful. Additional tips like taking cold shower early morning helps to increase will power and fight against withdrawal symptoms. At the time of urge, develop a habit of taking deep breadths and frequently sip water from water bottle to diffuse momentary stress and puffing habit.



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