Pakistan – A Nation in vicious cycle

Vicious cycle refer to complex chain of events that reinforces itself through a feedback loop resulting in detrimental results. Pakistan is a country with major population resident in rural and remote areas, with desperately poor and low middle class socio-economic status. This major segment of the people with little or no educational background have been cunningly manipulated by the crook politicians throughout history pushing the country blessed with riches in to a never ending vicious cycles hampering economic growth, development and prosperity of  a wealthy nation. The figure below illustrate the vicious cycle according to my understanding.


The people of Pakistan were hoping in Election 2013 to get out from this never ending vicious cycle with the help of Imran Khan (President of Pakistan Thareek-e-Insaf) and his political party but unfortunately, the mandate was hijacked once again by the crooked politicians once again, with the help of corrupt and dysfunctional Election Commission which was by the law and constitution of Pakistan responsible for filtering the bad from the good for the nation. You’ll be amazed to review the ‘Disqualification Notices’ of the members of national and provincial assembly members at ECP Website.

The nation will continue to live in these vicious cycles forever, continuously and irreversible damaging our country and society in general, unless we wake-up, fight for our rights/injustice and select representatives on merit. The system cannot be fixed or improved unless the election commission with the help of nation chooses people with good character, morale values and integrity who are capable and responsible for their actions.



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