Pakistan – Ghareeb Awam vs Burger Class Reality

“Overcoming poverty is not a task of charity, it is an act of justice. Like Slavery and Apartheid, poverty is not natural. It is man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings.” – Nelson Mandela

Its a shame that after recent elections, some of the politicians like Mr. Khawaja Saad Rafique (PML-N) and Altaf Hussain (MQM) insulted the rich and urban middle class by calling them ‘Burger Class’ or ‘Mummy-Daddy Class’, without realizing the fact that this class is the most educated and the highest tax payer’s class and these people have contributed more towards the development, growth and prosperity of Pakistan’s when compared to politicians and others.

I would like to thank Mr. Imran Khan and “Pakistan Thareek-e-Insaf”  members, whole-heatedly for raising political awareness among this sleeping segment of the people. As a result, these politicians now feel threatened from ‘Burger Class’ – the educated class of Pakistan, as they are afraid from the fact that the opportunities for corruption and looting the wealth of our nation, will soon be closed and they will have no more opportunity to make fool of the people of Pakistan for their personal vested interest. The rigging in the Elections 2013 is also part of the puzzle. On the other hand, Mr. Altaf Hussain (A known British terrorist, a murderer and the leader of the MQM) is harassing the citizens of Pakistan by using the poor and innocent segment of the population who do not have enough money to cover basics of the living and awareness as a result of MQM terrorism in the city sabotaging the business, happiness of common people, peace, security, growth and prosperity.



According to the socio-economic status of Pakistanis on Wikipedia  almost 76% of the population lies in lower-middle class and desperately poor segment whereas the upper-middle class and rich account for 24% of the population. The 38% of the desperately poor population lives in rural and remote areas of Pakistan, whereas 38% of the lower-middle class live in urban/semi urban areas of Pakistan.

The question is what’s the contribution of this 76% of the population to Economic Development of Pakistan? The population in this class of segment have very low income (non-taxable income bracket) and barely meet both ends meet and yet their leaders demand moon for them which doesn’t make any sense. The ‘Ghareeb Awam’ instead can play a positive role by not indulging in the cunning trap of the corrupt and dishonest politicians like Altaf Huassain and others. Their contribution can become effective by supporting stability and peace which is indeed important for the development and growth of Pakistan.

The politicians and the so called parliamentarians (effectively representing 76% of this population) have abused them throughout history for the sake of their personal benefit. The development funds (tax payer’s money) – contributed by upper middle class and the rich were subject to corruption in the name of ‘Ghareeb Awam’ without producing effective results throughout history. Now, the politicians are provoking hatred and animosity among both classes for their own benefit.

The ‘Ghareeb Awam’ segment – mostly illiterate and innocent has been brutally used against Pakistan and its establishment for harassment on non-important issues and we should join our hands being educated and responsible citizens of Pakistan to fight this “Economic Divide and Animosity”. We consider every citizen as our brothers and country mates without having any differences.  However, we cannot tolerate traitors and black sheep in our society and culture. In the light of above quote, the problem of the ‘Ghareeb Awam’ cannot be solved by giving them money like Regular Income Support Program, recently promised Loans, free taxis or building roads/infrastructure. It can only be solved by giving them respect, justice, security and above all – Education.

Random thoughts by a guy from so called ‘Burger Class’

Pakistan Zindabad !!!




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