Pakistan-China Relationship vs Economic Invasion

China is taking steps to economically invade resource-rich, debt-ridden and economically unstable Pakistan. It is indeed shocking and at the same time surprising for most of the readers of this post but it’s an open secret.

Pakistan’s newspapers and media is superimposing China’s economic dominance on people from all walks of life. The editorials in newspapers, articles in magazines and social media is barraged with information, which as a result created psychological hype on investment and cooperation between two strategic partners, complemented with statements from the senior parliamentarians and bureaucrats. (Source: twitter, google-news)

Pakistan and China have close historic ties and strategic partnership. People from both countries mutually respect and honor the equivocal relationship. China has always helped Pakistan at crucial times, and proved to be strong ally, keeping in view the fact that Pakistan has important geo-strategic location and natural resources , which are important for the future development and growth of China. (Source: news-links)

The relationship is win-win for both countries, if the economic gains for Pakistan equals China’s economic gains which seems to be unbalanced at this moment. The Chinese investment for the agreed infrastructure projects is merely another form of a loan on unknown interest rate rather than real foreign direct investment, which makes Pakistan sink further in to ocean of Chinese debt.

Chinese Banks, Financial Institutions and Venture Capital Funds are desperately attracting entrepreneurs, businessmen and investors from Pakistan to expand their operations in China’s industrial and business parks with lucrative financing offers. The main convincing argument is weak economic condition of local economy and energy crisis as a major threat for conducting business with the coutnry. Now Pakistanis have to reach North American and European customers with a strategy to Look East to go West.

Although many of the Pakistanis believe China to be closest friend, help at crucial times, close military partnership for research and development based on the win-win basis. However, neither China nor Pakistan has other options to neutralize regional dominance of India, US involvement. It is cheaper to provide economic and military assistance to Pakistan for establishing direct-route to China’s western region till Gawadar Port when compared to the long-term economic gains. However, Pakistan’s corrupt politicians and bureaucrats failed to maximize the economic and strategic gains from this opportunity.

In a nutshell, according to my humble opinion Pakistan will be sooner or later slowly and gradually be invaded psychologically, economically and politically same as before by Britishers, followed by US and in future by China. Though, Pakistan and China have strategic partnership but still Pakistanis need visa to travel to China, Muslims in Xinjiang province live hopeless life, while being oppressed. But still Pakistan government invited Chinese PLA to construct and later protect infrastructure for economic corridor. All we need is to wake up before we see billboards with “Welcome to Chinese Pakistan !!!,  欢迎来到中国巴基斯坦”

Thank you for reading this post.

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