New Year Resolution

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

Since past couple of years, there has been too much buzz about ‘The New Year Resolution’ along with ‘The New Year Night Celebration’. The buzz starts around beginning of December and disappear like a smoke by second week of January. I used to wonder the purpose of celebrating ‘The New Year’s Night’ and the reason of the celebration. Is this a trend that most people follow to be part of it or a it’s a cultural event? Do we really need to celebrate it? How should we celebrate this?

December 31st is an interesting day, everyone in all parts of the world is excited about welcoming the New Year in the best possible way. Families and friends get together, cities and towns are decorated and there is a strong feeling of happiness and joy all around. However, in this celebrative atmosphere, most of us don’t even take a moment to answer few simple questions: What’s in it there for me? Why should i celebrate this event? What are my achievements/failures for this year? and What can i do to make my life better next year?

Honestly, that’s where the concept of new year’s resolution kicks-inn. How many of us do actually take some time out to write down the resolution? How many of us keep track of it throughout the year? I’m surprised to find out the fact that actually very few people do that in reality – less than 1% of the people I personally know.

I strongly agree with the idea of celebrating the new year’s night with zeal, zest and enthusiasm after working hard throughout the year to achieve the goals and the targets that had been set at the beginning the year in form of the resolution. Salute! to the people who do this year by year and strive for their real success.

There is no rocket science involved in writing down a ‘New Year Resolution’ neither it’s task that involves high degree of complexity rather it only demands self commitment, focus and strong follow up throughout the year, every month, every week, every day. I never believed in this concept and hadn’t done this throughout my life until last year.

Accidentally, while travelling on night of December 31st last year to meet my family and nothing much to do on the almost empty plane, I had the opportunity to write the resolution on my Samsung Galaxy Note II. In short span of time, I was able to write a wish list of 20 goals to achieve that I had been thinking about for last couple of years and promised myself to take actions about them this year and review my performance by same time next year.

After Jan 15th, I made a habbit of reviewing this so called ‘New Year Resolution’ note, week by week, month by month and writing down my progress with each goal. At this time of the year, although I didn’t achieved 100% of what I had aimed but honestly, I have progressed significantly compared to past couple of years and that’s my reason for real celebration this year’s new year night.

From small beginnings come great things and it’s never too late to get started. Believe me, the new year resolution had benefited me substantially and I strongly recommend to start it from this year. It will act as the main point of focus for you throughout the year. Here are few starting points, that I would like to share and being master of procrastination I was able to start this way:

  • Summarize your activities for this Year
  • Write down your list of goals/targets for the next year
  • Prioritize your goals and targets
  • Write down achievement mile-stones for each goal or each month
  • Honestly review at least every week and track your progress
  • Print the resolution and stick it somewhere where you can view it daily

The above list may seem to you either too long or complex. I suggest that you start with simple bullet points and take your time over next couple of weeks to enhance it and make it look better to yourself. Moving ahead with my last year’s resolution, I have committed to continue to focus on existing goals and the targets with little bit changes and few additions for the next year, to find another solid reason for celebrating the New Year’s night – next December !

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth…not going all the way, and not starting.” – Budhha

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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