Nepotism at Aitchison College

Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development” – Kofi Anna

Academic institutions indeed play an important role in building the character of the student, in addition to imparting knowledge and skills to survive real world challenges. Alumni from reputed schools, colleges and universities like IBA Karachi, LUMS, NUST, GIKI, Medical Universities along with many others, are well known and recognized throughout the world for their professional excellence in their respective fields. The affiliation with the institution is matter of pride because of only one underlying reason i.e., selection on merit. The best students are honored to be affiliated with best institution as result of their academic excellence. However, this affiliation doesn’t guarantee real success in life, which can only be achieve with persistent hard work and continuous effort.

Unfortunately, Pakistani politicians, parliamentarians and rich individuals developed false believe that the plundered national wealth through unfair means give them the power to override the system of merit to deprive the common citizens of their constitutional rights of equality, social justice and equal opportunity. How can such politician be considered well wisher of the people when they have double standards?

Fortunately, these politicians and business tycoons hire the qualified professionals from the top academic institutions to successfully run operations and expand business empires. In fact, they do recognize the value of merit without realizing the fact their heirs (children, grandchildren etc) should put in the same amount of efforts as common people do to earn stars on their shoulders and lead from front by proving to be the best. The lust of power and false illusion of money, push them to follow their false beliefs.

In a nutshell, snakes and can give birth to snakes not lions. A corrupt person can support corruption, nepotism, injustice and social crime by depriving others of their rights and should be executed publicly. The news story of firing Principal of Aitchison College summarizes the reality outlined here and it wasn’t surprising at all.

Although, Pakistan is full of honest, intelligent and talented people with integrity but somehow governed by dishonest, corrupt and characterless individuals. I did personally felt very sad and demoralized, when I heard the story about dignified and reputed college of Pakistan. Honestly, Mr. Agha Ghazanfar’s stance on selection of merit made us feel proud similar to act of customs official who caught Ayyan while laundering money. This event indeed exposed the corrupt, dishonest and double standards of the status quo along with the judiciary which is equally responsible for devastating condition of country due to their ultimate silence on the critical national issue.

Although, I am not very positive about the outcome of this case but I hope people of Pakistan learn some lessons and realize the importance of casting vote and its impact on entire nation, institutions and economy.