Fate of Pakistan in light of Operation Zarb-e-Azb

The repetitive attacks by the TTP on the strategic assets and continuous series of terrorism activities deeply devastated the peaceful environment, created waves of fear and chaos and shattered the economy of the country. On the other hand, corrupt judiciary and political leadership equally contributed to damage the system of governance, provoked inefficiency and favouritism. Talibanisation and Corruption has eventually pushed the resource rich country in never ending vicious cycle of blame game fuelled by vested interest of external agencies. Will the success of operation Zarb-e-Azb, solve all the problems created by talibanization and it’s offshoots? The law enforcement agencies suffer from acute shortage of funds and resources. Lack of training, availability of equipment to combat extremism and terrorism, uncoordinated efforts between various agencies and limited manpower deployed to protect the selected elite make the situation not only worst, but lead to chaotic situations we observed i.e., the attack at Karachi International Airport. Pakistan Army is the only competent, professional, well equipped and self-sustained government agency despite of the limited resources. The whole country counts on the men in khaki uniform in events of chaotic situations, natural calamities and nevertheless governing the affairs of the country at the time of need.

Unfortunately, despite of the several claims of progress by so called democratic civilian governments, Pakistan has observed cycles of peak economic growth and prosperity only during military rule. Once again, the people of Pakistan are counting on the fearless and brave soldiers will try to re-establish the promised peace by eliminating TTP – part of the terrorism problem and we are sure that this time again they will succeed as they always did in the past.

Will the success of this mission address the root cause of talibanization? What about the bigger problems caused by incompetent politicians, judiciary and bureaucracy? Don’t we need similar operations to address problems much bigger and complex than talibanization itself? The future of the country seems to be bleak, where entrusted leaders shake hands with historical enemies and officially visit them for signing private business deals neither bringing any value to the country nor discussing the core issues between the countries. Is this morally and ethically justfied? The people of Pakistan will not be able relish the benefits of peace unless the regime take concrete steps to abolish religious extremism, sectarian animosity, fake democracy, unfair and polarised  judiciary and corruption to ensure better and prosperous Pakistan.




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