Ethical Environment and Economic Prosperity in Pakistan

Society’s accustomed positive ethical values evolve traditions which transcend to customary law of the land. Although, such laws existed throughout the history of mankind but various religions and school of thoughts overtime helped to establish balance in society by delivering framework to maintain the balance in society i.e., equality, social justice and freedom.

Islamic principles and lessons for code of life embed highest standard of ethics and moral values, currently in practice mostly by the developed world and western societies. In contrast, Muslim societies since past few decades suffer from malicious cancer which originated from tumors of dishonesty, injustice and inequality. Amazingly, the combined effect of ethical environment on economic prosperity is measurable and GDP per Capita reflects our position with respect to other countries.

Effective Rule of Law and Prosperity

Effective Rule of Law and Prosperity

It is obvious from above illustration that economic prosperity is directly related to rule of law – an open secret. Since inception of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, ethically and morally corrupt governments diminished rule of Law and converted the strategically located country blessed with talented human capital and natural resources to home of lawlessness, terrorism and mafias. Bribery, fraudulent practices and conflict of interest not only contaminated our societal and cultural norms but caused reparable damage which require decade of sincere efforts and dedication for restoration.

In a nutshell, ethical and economic environment in Pakistan is same as India, Bangladesh and Yemen whereas Sri Lanka, Philippines, Egypt and Indonesia as countries far better than us in terms of economic prosperity and ethical values.

Pakistan as a nation is on declining track since past few decades  (read: Pakistani nation in vicious cycle). This trend can only be reversed by giving opportunity to honest people to lead and contribute to restructure the system to incorporate on honesty, social-justice and islamic values.