How I spent last 37 Years of my Life?

When I reflect upon past 37 years of my life which translates to 444 months, 1,924 Weeks, 13,505 days and 324,120 hours – in short I feel happy and satisfied. Since there is no manual to live a perfect life, I’m thankful to God for the blessings, the unwanted resentments and the few black swan moments that I received. – Jawad Khan

Retrospective Analysis

Interestingly, I slept on an average for almost 13 years (average 8 hours per night) since birth. Early years of my life (till age of 23),  I luxuriously spent time without any worries and stress. I am thankful to my parents, teachers and great friends who help me learn and explore the world of engineering, computing, traveling, gossiping and partying.

Although, I could have done much better by being more productive but somehow I acted like Garfield most of the time. However, the combined efforts that I was able to put into early years resulted in being self-reliant for past 14 years i.e., my professional or so called practical life. It’s indeed a great achievement to earn and spend close to US$1 million without asking for permissions and approvals.

Future Outlook – the remaining 30 years

Since the average life expectancy in Pakistan is about 67 years, I’m approximately left somehow with 30 more years or less. If I exclude sleep time which is almost 10 years (on average 8 hours per night), cumulative work hours which sum up to 12 years (on average 9 hours per day), I’m left with approximately 8 years of time for extra activities (personal development, social work, family time and misc jobs).

Suddenly, it seems that the remaining life time is too short. Isn’t it?

The remaining part of my life i.e., the balance 30 years, is full of professional, personal and social challenges. I plan to complete PhD,  write some books, contribute to society by working on social issues, four sabbaticals, travelling around the world with my lovely wife, and most importantly attain the title of  “The best Dad and a loving Husband”, before I depart.

6 mistake that I plan to avoid from today – the lessons learned hard way

Spending more than 45 minutes on anything

Despite acknowledging the essence of time, we all end up spending to much on activities and tasks in personal and professional lives that ends up in lowering productivity and quality of the output. For me, 45 to 60 minutes seem good enough for now. I might try to reduce the time to 25 minutes later on.

Unhappy moments

Although, few things are better left untouched, few things are better unseen. We can’t avoid unhappy moments as they’re part of everyday’s life, but we can control the time spent being unhappy i.e., fighting zombism – the procrastination.

Staying unfocused

Relaxation is awesome but relaxing to much eats away lot of time and pushes the mind away from the objectives of the day. I plan to stay a bit focused by developing habit of writing daily journal to keep track of my activities, priorities and time.

Unproductive use of technology

I adore technology to the limit that I have more tech gadgets than humans living in my home. Laptops, computers, tablets, smartphones are only good enough till the time they don’t end up eating away too much of the time. Learning to use the technology productively and yet staying focused will be an interesting challenge.

Running away from Reading Books

After completing studies, almost for 14 years I have been running away from reading books i.e., used to read maybe 2 or 3 books per year. It took me quite a while to get back on track to read at least one book per month. Since I have about 360 months in the remaining 30 years, I plan to read cumulatively at least 360 books on philosophy, technology and biographies.

Spending less time with Family

Interestingly, wife and kids have jovial attitude towards life. Indeed, they need more time, dedication and commitment. Tough, I realized it a bit late,  and rescheduled my priorities to dedicate more time to them. Now, I feel more energized by listening to their daily anecdotes, helping them to resolve trivial issues and grooming them by assigning challenging tasks. I’m sure it will help them to be better and responsible adults in years to come.